Jan 25, 2013

Please be careful at the pump

I want to tell you guys what happened to Daniel at the gas station in Harrisburg yesterday. This is worth telling every to be careful about. I don't think we're making too much of the incident.

Here is what happened...
Daniel and I went to the QT station on Hwy 49 in Harrisburg yesterday around 4 pm. After I swiped the card and he started filling both my car and the mower gas can I went inside to get us drinks. Usually I leave my keys in the ignition while he fills the car. This time I didn't and I'm so thankful.

... As he was finishing up a man appeared beside him holding out 2 dollars and asked him to go inside and purchase some sort of candy and he could keep the change. But, the man said, finish filling up the car first. Daniel didn't recognize the name of the candy to begin with but told the man No in no uncertain terms and the man disappeared.

When I returned Daniel was sitting locked inside the car. He was really concerned that this was an attempted car theft.

I know there are a lot of stories that go around the web and they aren't all true, so I'm not sending this just for fun. This happened and we're concerned enough to spread the word to be careful.


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