Oct 28, 2011


On Tuesday, October 4, I saw my endocrinologist. During his exam he found that my thyroid was enlarged. After confirming that I had never been told that I had this enlargement he decided to check it with an ultrasound.

The following Tuesday I had the ultrasound. What follows is how the events played out.

October 14,

Susan's Endocrinologist called her today. The results of her ultrasound were a 1.6-cm nodule on her Thyroid Gland. Now they want to perform a biopsy to determine whether it is malignant or benign.

If you would pray

(1) for Susan to have peace about this,
(2) that the doctor would be able to perform this biopsy with as little pain as is possible,
(3) that the Doctor would have wisdom in what to do going forward, and
(4) that if this is a malignant mass, the Doctor would be able to treat it effectively.


Susan had a Thyroid Biopsy on Monday, October 24, to check a 1.67-cm nodule that was found on the left side of her Thyroid. Usually they can get enough cells from 2 needle sticks to determine whether there was any malignancy in the nodule.

They had to stick Susan 4 times just to get enough cells to tell…NOTHING. The first two needle sticks (and they don't just stick you: They move the needle around!) got nothing but blood. The third stick they got "blood and collagen." On the fourth needle stick, they got too few cells to be conclusive.

We found out yesterday, that the few cells they got on the fourth needle stick were "inconclusive." But, Susan's Endocrinologist, told us that actually that is a very good sign. Apparently, picking up a lot of cells immediately is usually a sign of cancer. So based on the report, there is nothing to worry about.

They will perform another sonogram in about 8 months (June 2012) to see if this nodule has grown any. According to Dr. Holt, between 40 - 60% of women will have nodules on their Thyroid glands by age 60 (Susan is 47).

So, thanks be to our merciful Heavenly Father, Maker and Creator for allowing Susan's health to continue to be normal, for allowing us (my family, especially Sarah) to remain calm through this ordeal, and for increasing our faith through this trial.

Thank you for your prayers,

To all of David's friends who prayed for me.

I am in tears today as I just now start to comprehend how many of my dear husbands friends and business associates have been praying for me over this past month. It truly is by God's grace alone that I was able to wait on tests to be done, wait for pain to be over, and wait for results to be given.

Yesterday as the nurse finished checking my blood pressure, which I told her would be high, (it wasn't!), and went back over all the usual vitals I was numb. Then as she was leaving she said, "I'll leave you alone to talk but if you need me just call. I'll be right outside." To me that was code for, "Prepare yourselves, Dr Holt has bad news."

I won't repeat what David has already told you about the biopsy results but do want to add that I went through the rest of yesterday numb emotionally. I had thought when I received good news that I would feel as if the weight of the world had been removed from my shoulders. But between a terrible migraine which I had not yet been able to treat effectively, and the tiredness of the previous days in which I was deliberately avoiding learning anything about any type of thyroid problems I was just numb.

So today as he forwards every response to me, I am overwhelmed to know that God has placed people in David's life who will pray for us and encourage him.

Thank you for your prayers and love,