Jan 24, 2016

New Makeup Regimen

I love makeup products that do double duty. With all the redness that I usually have in my face from the violent vomiting episodes with my migraines, I quite often have to use several products to tone the redness down.
Today as I put on my makeup I decided to try the ELF Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Pink Umbrella as both a blush and for my lips. This color is a good nude for my lips and worked well as a creamy blush.
To me it's always worth a try and if I don't like the effect, or if David doesn't like it, I can always wash it off and start over without to much trouble.

Other makeup products that I recently tried and like are both by L'Oreal. They are the Magic Anti-Redness correcting primer in green and the true match super-blendable crayon concealer in fair/light.
The concealer works best if some type of primer has been used prior and the primer is in a pump bottle, but those are the only negatives for me. And with the primer one pump is MORE than enough to correct my entire face. most of my redness is on the left side but it is an area about the size of my hand.

e.l.f. lip gloss

L'Oreal Primer

L'Oreal Concealer


Jan 11, 2016

Prayer Needed

Would you all please pray for me? I have a pinched nerve in my neck, C2-C5, and I'm in a lot of pain right now. With David out of work I've been seeing the chiropractor and using ice, heat and pain meds to keep going. I'm pretty sure I need surgery for this but that is not in the cards at the moment.
So would you please pray that David gets a job soon, that I can get the inflammation in my neck under control so that I don't need surgery?  And that we will continue to be able to pay the bills?