Aug 18, 2013

Migraine Rant

My mom tries to tell me when she hears of something new for migraines. I really do appreciate it. Today she called to tell me about a product called "Migralex". It's a combo of aspirin 500mg and Magnesium Oxide 75 mg. Nothing special, no new ingredients. Guess how much it costs for 1 bottle of 20 caplets? $39.95 plus 6.95 for shipping and handling.

Un. Be. Lieve. A. Ble.

Snake Oil.

Unfortunately people will pay this ridiculous price because they are desperate for migraine relief. I am desperate for relief but I am NOT STUPID.

I may try the combo on my own. I have aspirin on hand, just need to pick up a bottle of mag ox. It would be great if it works. But if it works I still won't pay this ridiculous price.

And this is the problem with a disease like Migraine.

There. Is. No. Cure. YET!

There are no guarantees that this treatment or that treatment will work for any patient.

I was supposed to be getting the Botox injections in September. I won't be getting them at all because, 1. I have no assurance that they will work for even a little while. and 2. Even with the insurance and our deductible paid and we've almost hit the maximum that we have to pay out of pocket for the year, I still was going to have to pay over $1,000 for 1 round of injections. For medical reasons, not cosmetic.


Aug 4, 2013

Time to catch up?

It's been a while since I posted.  Life has gone on.  We've had a very wet, cooler than usual summer so far.  This has caused our yard to become a jungle.  Even though Daniel kept up well with the mowing, the vines and weeds grew out of control. 

Sarah and Daniel have been cutting and hauling brush out to the road a bit at a time.  We can't put out too much or the city will charge us to pick it up, so slow and steady it goes.

I've been trying to sell homeschool curriculum and other books that we are finished with.  That has been slow going.  Finding what we need for the next term hasn't been too easy either.  I don't know why, maybe as they get older there are less used copies available. 

I'm trying to start the planning out, I don't want them to have to do things that are just mindless repetition, but neither do I want to skip over truly important information.

It is truly a balancing act.

Oscar is slowing down.  He moans more in his sleep and has become more talkative in his old age.  He limps more even though he is taking his aspirin regularly.

But last night topped it all.

The kids asked David and me to come out to see how much they had trimmed  from the "jungle".  I know there are divots and other various irregularities in our backyard.  I even know where they are and was telling myself to watch for them.

Unfortunately my eye did not see it but my foot found it with no problem and I was on the ground. 

Long story short, I broke my right leg, at the ankle.  It's the tip of the small bone in the leg.  Nothing bad, but it is surprisingly painful and being on crutches is awkward.

The Vicodin they gave me for pain knocks the edge off but makes me grumpy.  It's going to be an interesting few weeks.  I hope when I get my permanent cast, it can be a walking cast or boot.  I'm afraid I'll fall using the crutches and do more damage.

So, Life goes on...