Mar 31, 2012

March is over...

I told David, "If I can just get through March I'll be alright."   Well, I made it! 

We have chosen to intentionally not be overly busy with out-of-the-house activities. 

But in March we had Science Olympiad Competition....

This is a video of David and Sarah sanding down a component for her Mouse Trap Vehicle using a hand drill as a lathe.

Enrich Science Olympiad Team "Fusion"
From L-R
Sarah, Connor, Jared, Nathan H., Jon, Alexander, Phillip, Joshua, Ricky, Matthew, Daniel, Nathan

Sarah and Connor partnered in Mousetrap Vehicle and placed 5th.  Daniel and Nathan H. partnered in Bottle Rockets and took 4th. 

Overall our team did really well.  This was our first year in SO and Fusions 2nd year as a team. 

Sarah and Connor getting readt to launch the mousetrap vehicle.

There it goes!

Sarah and Connor made a great team.  They worked well together, pushed each other and brought different strengths to the event.  If they work together on this even next year they should have an incredible run.

Mar 5, 2012

Speed Stacking Article, Time Magazine

Here is an article about Speed Stacking which is the sport Sarah  participates in  World Class Speed Stacker

Here are some still shots of her practicing: