Jul 2, 2009

Is summer break already over???

Tonight, at 10.30 pm, my children dug out their math books and started working on math for the 2009-2010 school year. Sarah couldn't find the math book she wanted so decided to work on spelling instead.

This after only 4 weeks of "summer break". I am no where near ready to resume teaching. Shoot, I still have to reorganize all the bookcases, order the books we need, and my teacher's guide for next year isn't even going to ship until August 1. (I plan on officially starting on August 17).

Daniel asked if he worked all day tomorrow on books would I count it as school. "NO"!

Sarah is also in the process of writing a preschool curriculum. I'm trying to encourage her to stick with it. After all, isn't that where a lot of the great homeschooling products have come from to begin with? Other homeschoolers? Why shouldn't she be one more author? She loves children and is really good with them. She seems to be a natural teacher. She has some really good ideas, now to get them on paper, organized and eventually submitted to a publisher...

Daniel on the other hand has a mind for computers and music and story telling. Who knows where God will take him with those interests and skills.

During these next few years, we are really focusing on helping them to grow in the areas where they have interests and skill, to become stronger in their weak areas and to grow in their love for Christ and for others. Sometimes it seems that it is all for naught. We cannot see the future. But our Father is in control and we have committed these children to Him from before they were born. They belong to Him. We are only temporary parents, hopefully teaching them to serve and to love as the Father has loved us.