Jul 27, 2011

Update on saving money, new celluar service

So we switched to common cents cellular which is now virgin mobile paylo. David & I got identical Kyocera phones. He likes his, I hated mine. He does a lot of texting with work and it IS a good phone to text with. It does take good photos as well. BUT you have to purchase a MINIMUM of $20 every 90 days or loose them. If you make the purchase they do roll over but I cannot use that much in the allotted time.

$20 = 285 minutes =4.76 hours

I just do not use a cell phone that much. So it was NOT a good deal for me.

So I used up the time left by sending a bunch of photos, then we just let the phone expire. The good thing is we have an extra phone in the event that David's phone dies.

So I took back the tracfone that was lost and replaced. (Did I tell you that story?). The replacement tracfone is now the kids dedicated phone for when they do riding or whatever.

The moral of the story? Investigate thoroughly. Don't be swayed by the 'flashy' new gadget. Newer is not always better; in fact you may like newer worse than you like older. (How's that for a wonky sentence?)

Jul 26, 2011

Youth Group is TOO MUCH FUN??

Youth Group is too much fun.  We should have more teaching and less fun.  We should focus on God and how God is in our life.  Fun's OK but I think that we should be told how we can see God's work in our life.


Forget the food.
                                 Forget the fun.

Church is to learn and not socialize.

                                                     To learn and grow.

                                                    We need to be different.
                                        We need to be grounded (BIBLICALLY)


As you look on the church landscape, youth are leaving the faith in droves.

The modern church, overall, is struggling to reach the next generation with the gospel.

What has happened?

Whether for good or bad, men, for many years, have been inventing solutions or brainstorming ideas without fully relying upon the foundation of God’s Word.

God, however, is greater than man, and as the heavens are above the earth, so are His ways higher than ours and His thoughts than our thoughts (Is. 55:8-9).

We have substituted the greater for the lesser – God’s wisdom for man’s ideas.

Jesus said that he who hears His Word and does it, is like a man that built his house upon a rock, and when the storm came, it stood firm.

On the other hand, he who rejects His Word, is like a man who built on the sand and when the storm came, the house fell (Matt. 7:24-25).

Shouldn’t the church, as a whole, abandon the sandy ideas of man and shamelessly return to the firm rock of the Word of God?

God’s Word sufficiently identifies how youth are to be reached.

For more information on this issue, please see the film Divided, which is a documentary on age-segregated youth ministry in America. Watch it for free (for a limited time) at www.dividedthemovie.com.

For an in-depth study, the book A Weed in the Church delves into the topic and more thoroughly handles the Scripture passages that address ministry to young people.

For other details or to help spread the message, visit http://www.dividedthemovie.com/.