Oct 24, 2015

Clara the Ninja Kitty

I am seriously afraid that Clara has developed an odd affinity for the bathroom. First it was her fascination with watching the toilet flushing, then it was her love for water in the sink, but today has topped it all. She discovered the toilet paper and the joy of unrolling it. On the other hand she jumped up on the washer as I was treating a stain and put her paw in the detergent which resulted in her suffering the indignity of having her paw washed with wet water! Oh the torture of it all!

Claras gotcha day 8/16/15

That is not a bald spot on her side.  It is a bad hair day!

She loves the printer and is currently trying to work out how to turn it on herself.

Yes she really sleeps this way.

Oct 3, 2015

General Update

David is still waiting for a job.  Hopefully on the 16th he will go back to Corning for the final phase of their hiring process.  Please pray that his BP will not be elevated this time.  It is normally in the good range but he had fought traffic when he went in last month and his BP was elevated enough that they would not test him.

I am doing repair work at home for one of the hotels in the area.  It pays well and the items are brought to me so I only have to go out to pick up good thread and machine needles to do the work.  I will also, hopefully, be making from scratch an item they need.   I may check with some other hotels that are close and see if they have a need for this type of work.

Daniel is working 40+ hours most weeks.  Some nights he doesn't get home until midnight or later.  He has his own car up and running but with all the rain this week we had him drive Davids car today.  It is newer, has better wipers and tires and we felt the risk was really too great to drive his car today.  He has become a good driver and took a driver course 2 week ends ago that was sponsored by Bridgestone called "Teens Drive Smart".  There is another event called B.R.A.K.E.S that we want him to take as well.

Sarah is busy.  This is her senior year and if I remember right she is taking 11 classes.  She is working as well and averages about 30 hours a month.  She is happiest when she has something productive to do.  She has also become an instructables judge and she contributes projects there.  She has entered several contests and has placed as high as 3rd so far.  She is currently in a "yarn" competition for which she designed and knitted a hat.  She had a couple of friends from her outside classes model for her and at least 1 of them has asked if she would make them a hat. 

Clara continues to grow and make us laugh.  she has her routine down pat.  In the morning David feeds her then plays with her.  Once I'm up she trails me around the house.  She loves to follow me to the potty and then watch the toilet water swirling around.  If she wants me to comb her she has to be on my desk.  I tried to get her to let me comb her in the LR today and she would have none of it.  She sleeps on the bed at night but will not during the day.  She has a preference for fish over all other sources of protein so I've been saving the water from any tuna we use and adding that to her meal if she has no fish.

Financially things are very tight but we still have a roof over our heads and all our utilities.  I do wish I could find a cheaper ISP but so far have not been able too.

Thank you for all your prayers and when you think of us would you please add 3 families to your list?  All 3 have a family member who is very ill.  They are the Brian Family, the McClamrock Family & the Schladensky Family.