Sep 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Daniel

19 years ago our lives changed for ever.  At 5:36 a.m., on Monday September 2, Labor Day, Daniel Weldon Gibson made his entrance. 

I never was able to understand the love the Father has for us in sending Jesus to earth until I met my first born child.  Then I knew an inkling, just an inkling of that great love.

Having a child changes you forever.  I remember the early days of sleepless nights, learning to nurse and care for him,  The feeling of helplessness with his first ear infection.  I remember thinking, "our lives will get back to normal soon".  Guess what?  Normal is just a setting on the dryer.  Your life changes completely and forever.  A new "norm" is established.

With the birth of Daniel came our introduction to home education.  If you think about it, the minute your child is born you start teaching him.  A child turning 5 doesn't mean that you have to give up your right to educate your child to the state.  And so when he was 5 we started formally schooling him, (and Sarah who was 3) at home.

As I told him at graduation, it has not always been easy.  But the journey has been so worth it. 

I have a 19 year old son who is my friend.  I don't think we would have this relationship if he had been gone for hours every day.  

Anyway, I feel I'm rambling but want to say one more time, "Happy birthday Daniel.  I love you".

Clara eats MEAT!

I just did a price comparison for a good quality wet cat food and found that it would cost about $2.50 per day with commercial wet food versus about 80 cents per day homemade raw.  Just like eating a pre-made meal is more expensive for humans, and worse for our health, so it is with feeding our pets.  Of course if I was feeding a great Dane the cost would be much more, BUT I'm not feeding them prime rib and lobster, I'm feeding them cheap, human grade meats and organs.