Mar 1, 2015

In an effort to bring in more $$....

to help pay the bills and keep us fed I have created a fund raising site.   I am also going through the house and pulling everything I can to sell on eBay and various Facebook groups.

I have a couple of friends saving metal cans, soda & veggie etc.,  for us to turn in for cash.  Its not a big amount but every little bit helps.

The thing about being in a situation like this, for any family not just us, is that from Thanksgiving through Christmas folks think more about donating to those in need.  Then when January comes the help stops.  That's what happened to us.  And we stretched those gift cards and $$ as far as we could but now we're out of funds and need help again. 

Do NOT misunderstand what I'm saying.  We are so grateful for everything our friends and family have done for us.  When David's battery died a couple of weeks ago, in the Wal-Mart parking lot, we had enough on a gift card to buy a new battery for only $7 or so. 

So far the mortgage has been paid as well as the gas, water, electricity, internet & phone.   We have the least expensive internet we can have and we have to keep it for job searches and applications as well as for homeschooling.
The kids have been so generous with their savings and Daniel is working now so he has bought gas for the cars and even his prescription this past Friday.  And Sarah has bought her supplies for Science Olympiad competition.

So please keep us in your prayers.

1.  That we will trust our Father in Heaven
2.  That David will be encouraged in the face of this trial and disappointment
3.  That I will be wise as Solomon in handling our finances
4.  That the kids will not be overly stressed about the situation
5.  That my constant migraines will cease or at least lessen.