Oct 20, 2009

Congratulations SARAH!!!

And the winner is........


"Best Quilt Square Depicting the Artists Life"

The topic for the contest was based on a book that the library reading club was doing titled "On Agate Hill" by Lee Smith

The contestants were asked to design a quilt block that represented something in their life. They could use any medium to create their design.  Sarah's idea was a question mark  with the words who, what, how & why in the borders.

They also had to write a brief description of the block tying it to their life.  Sarah wrote about her love of learning and how asking questions and finding the answer is a great way to learn.

Out of the 5 winners, she was 1 of 2 who made an actual fabric quilt block.  The other was made by an adult. 

Oct 17, 2009

Felted Slippers Finished!!

  Before felting.  The color is bad. Felted, the gray suede patches are there for reference.  They will be attached in the final stage to the sole of the slippers.

The finished slipper! Here the color is good, a little light.

Here you can see the suede patches attached.  They were the most expensive part of this project and I think worth it.  I'm already wearing my new slippers, (it's nippy here in NC) and they are pretty no slip on the kitchen floor.

So there you have it, my newest creation.

Oct 6, 2009

Random Stripe Maker Tool

I just found a really helpful tool while I was browsing on Crochetville.

 Check out this random stripe making tool.


It was designed with knitters in mind. But the uses are endless.

Currently I am crocheting a baby afghan and I've been adding a stripe here and there but I found that it wasn't as random looking as I wanted. This tool will let you preview your color choices and fiddle with the pattern until you get it just right. Check it out.

Oct 5, 2009

Baby Sweater

I just finished a baby sweater. Of course I can't remember where I found the pattern, but I didn't follow the pattern much either. I usually view patterns as a guide, I do use the size recommendations, but the stitch patterns etc I make up a lot as I go.

This one was a lot of fun and really very easy to make. I do plan on jotting down the changes I made to the pattern before I give it to someone, I would like to be able to make this one again.