Apr 21, 2009

Book Mooch

Can you ever have too many books? I don't think so. But it can get expensive to purchase all the books you want. Is there a solution? There is and it's called...
I use a web site called BookMooch to exchange books with others.
I have found it a useful way to get rid of my old books, and get books for free in exchange.
The site is commercial free and costs nothing to use.
You can see my bio page here:http://bookmooch.com/bio/swymm89

Apr 15, 2009

Autumn Colors Purse w/ detachable flower

Here is my newest purse. It has a detachable flower with a beaded center, an outer zipper pocket, 2 inside pockets and webbing straps. It is made of a combination of new and recycled materials and is hand washable, dry flat.

Apr 3, 2009

G.ames A.dolescents S.houldn't P.lay

This is scary. Apparently the thing is to choke yourself to the point of passing out, of course you have to know the right time to let go . But many pre & teens are getting into this as a "safe" way to get the buzz.

The website has a chilling video, with a 911 call from a 13 yo whose twin has just done this and is dead because of it.

I made Daniel and Sarah watch the video. They both were sobered by the thought that people would actually try this.

It is addictive. The very first time you try it you kill thousands of brain cells that will be lost forever. Three minutes of it can lead you with permanent brain impairment if not damage. Four to five minuted can leave you DEAD.