Sep 24, 2008

David, Sarah and I love celtic music. This coming Sunday, we have FREE tickets for the family to go see this group at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte.

I can't wait, the group has seven members and between them play 21 different instruments.

Sep 23, 2008

Been A While

Well, today is the first day in at least 4 weeks that I've been headache free for most of the day. It's 4pm now and a little one is coming on, but hopefully can be controlled with aspirin.

Last week was my 44th birthday. But, Isabelle (age 5) told me I looked 21. Now I know that at 5 she hasn't completely comprehended the significance of numbers, but what she said made me smile.

My sweeties, David, and kiddos, like to make me a cake on my birthday. It's always fun to sit back and listen to them as they work together. Most years I chose a new recipe from the Hershey's website. This year I was craving a simple white cake from a mix. So much to their dismay, that's what they made me. It was just what I wanted.

They also fed my crochet addiction. Two hand carved hooks and a nostepinne made by a friends husband. You must check out his work at

Then they also bought me the yarn I'[d been wanting to make my own version of this

I'm well on my way to getting it done and might be able to post pics when I finish.

We also had to completely rebuild our main pc after being hit by a "drive-by" virus. It took David and me a week of working on it here and there to get it all back and online. BUT in the process both kids have decided they want to learn top build their own pc. So...that is another project in the wings.

School is going well, I see improvement every day. Tho' we are behind the "schedule", we are able to stop to smell the roses, or watch the backhoe as the case may be. Even though my kids are 10 & 12, they still love to watch the heavy equipment working. I'm so glad that we are free to teach our children in freedom and able to follow their interests. It still amazes me what they know, when I know I haven't taught them that.