Mar 26, 2009

Another Day

Another day of migraine. "What can I do that I'm not already doing?"
Another day of high blood sugars. "I know I need to do more, but with the migraines it is hard."
Another day of uncertainty about where to worship.
Another day of frustration with homeschooling, feeling like I'm not getting anywhere.
Another day of too much time wasted because I haven't the physical or mental energy to do more.
Another day of stress over David's traveling for work.
Another day of stress over finances.
Another day of letting my feelings rule instead of focusing on the Cross.
Another day to serve Him
Another day to worship Him
Another day to praise Him
Another day to honor Him who gave me LIFE
Another day to put Him first
Another day to focus on the Cross
Another day to honor my husband
Another day to love my children
Another day to be thankful
Another day to be joyful in ALL things
Another day
Another day
Thank you Father for Another Day

March 26, 2009
Susan Monette Gibson

Mar 22, 2009

Finished Crochet Projects

Here are a few photos of finished projects. I forget that I have a digital camera and forget to take pics of them. So now I'm posting everything I have in the house that I've finished recently.
Crocheted then woven hotpad in a celtic knot style.

My first attempt at amigurumi. A doll for I's 5th birthday.
Purse for my sister. Happy LATE birthday M.

Sweater and hat for missionary friends in Bolivia.

Mar 20, 2009

Frugal Meals etc...

Everyone knows that prices are going up. That's just the way it is. So in my effort to help make my hubby's hard earned $'s go as far as possible, I am looking for ways to cut expenses where I can. For me the #1 place to look is FOOD.

I am terrible about planning a menu. That is bad. We end up going to the store more than once per pay period, and we end up eating too much fast food.

So after today's trip to Aldi, and not getting a whole lot, I revisited a website that I've been on before.

Let me introduce you to:

This site has a lot of printable menus, as well as recipes, shopping lists, dieting info. Head on over and check it out. If you do, let me know what you think.

Mar 17, 2009

What they play...

Here is a link to a website that reviews all kinds of "video" games for all kinds of platforms.

Mar 13, 2009

BBQ Sauce

Check this new family company out. They have great BBQ sauce. Currently only the 6 Cylinder (mild) and Overdrive (HOT) levels of spiciness are available. But they are in the process of getting more to market.

These are 18 ounce bottles for around $6. Since I'll only be able to use a TINY amount of the Overdrive at a time, I think the price is very good. I also figure if I start putting something this hot on my food, I will eat less. (It might cure what ails ya as well)

Mar 12, 2009


I just finished a biography by one of my favorite authors. "Two-Part Invention, The Story if a Marriage" by Madeleine L'Engle.
The book reaffirmed for me her strong christian beliefs. I am sure there are some differences in what she believed and what I believe. But I saw through out the entire book her deep faith and dedication to God.
Here are some quotes from her book that stuck with me.
" How can anyone even begin to have an incarnational view of the universe without an incredible leap of the imagination? That GOD cares for us, every single one of us , so deeply that all power is willing to come to us, to be with us, takes all the imagination with which we have been endowed"
"Whenever something is completed successfully, then we must move on , and that is again to risk failure."
Finally a quote she had saved and included in her book.
" They asked the abbot Macarius, saying 'How ought we to pray?'
and the old man said, 'There is no need of much speaking in prayer, but often stretch out thy hands and say, Lord, as Thou wilt and as Thou knowest, have mercy upon me.' But if there is war in thy soul, add, 'Help me', and because He knoweth what we have need of He sheweth us His mercy."


North Carolina, March 2, 2009

North Carolina, March 11, 2009

Mar 9, 2009

Keep your eyes open...

Sarah and one of the reading therapy dogs she reads with were photographed today at the Harrisburg library for an article about MaryLou and her therapy dogs. If all goes as planned, they will be in an upcoming issue of Dog Fancy.

Here is a photo I took several weeks ago. This is McKenzie, therapy dog number 2.

Mar 7, 2009

Trip with Gran

The children went to Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden today with Gran. They had a great time and took some nice photos. Unfortunately they didn't get one of Gran or of S.

A lizard D caught and then released, (Thank goodness!) is the website. Check it out if you're in the area.

One of the beautiful quilts on display.

A bed of Pansy's one of my favorites. Thanks S!!

What do you get...

When you combine a very creative 10 year old, an old lamp, some nuts & washers and time?

You get this:

S took an old lamp that was worn out and out of date, and made a new lamp for her dad for his side of the bed.

Now I want her to make one for my side, even though I have a perfectly good lamp. BUT I will move the existing lamp to the living room beside my chair where I desperately need it.