Mar 15, 2011

Photos from WSSA Competition

Sarah G @ judges table for a singles event

Sarah G & Sarah S doubles event, 2nd place in 15+ division
Daniel with relay team
Sarah & Sarah switching out in the relay, this team came in 2nd in the 15+ division

Coach Rhonda (black Shirt), Sarah S, Sarah G, Chelsey, Kyle, Emily, Kim, Christian, Kimberly, Joesy, Savannah, Abby, Daniel

Christian & Kyle, doubles event

Abby, singles event


Mar 14, 2011

WSSA Piedmont Triad Sport Stacking Competition Results

These are the times for the CCHSA Stackers.
CCHSA = Cabarrus County Homeschool Association


10 yr. old division:

Christian Valle, 4th place, 3-6-3 event

11 yr. old division:

Emily Barber, 3rd place 3-3-3, 4th place 3-6-3, 2nd place Cycle

12 yr. old division:

Sarah Gibson, 5th place in both 3-3-3 and 3-6-3, and 4th place Cycle

13-14 yr. old division:

Daniel Gibson, 5th place 3-3-3

Kyle King, 2nd place 3-3-3, 3rd place 3-6-3

15-open division:

Sarah Snipes, 2nd place 3-3-3, 3rd place 3-6-3, 4th place Cycle

Chelsey Barber, 3rd place 3-3-3, 5th place 3-6-3, 2nd place Cycle

"Coach" Rhonda, 5th place 3-3-3, 1st place 3-6-3, 3rd place Cycle

DOUBLES:   2 people stack as one person


Kyle and Christian, 2nd place


Kim Dean & Coach Rhonda, 3rd place

Sarah Gibson & Sarah Snipes, 2nd place

Chelsey & Emily Barber, 1st place


***Savannah Lemmond participated with another team that was at the tournament and helped them get a 2nd place finish in the 8u division!!!


CCHSA Team 1: Chelsey, Kyle, Emily and Christian: 1st Place

CCHSA Team 2: Sarah S., Daniel, Sarah G. and Josey: 2nd Place

CCHSA Team 3: Kim, Abby, Kimberly and Rhonda: 3rd Place