Mar 15, 2014

Science Olympiad, Regional Tournament, 2014

Full Circle Academy Science Olympiad Team took 16 students to the Charlotte Tournament on March 8.  With 6 students on Division C and 10 students on Division B we were probably the smallest team there, and we were also 1 of only 2 homeschool teams.  Congratulations to Science Hounds/ Hunters who placed well enough at regional to go to State! 

David and I hope that in a few more years the FCA team will be THE team to be on for the homeschool community. 

Overall our little team brought home 8 medals.  Not bad for a small, young team.

Full circle Academy Geniuses in the Making

Daniel and Grayson Bottle Rockets Div B

Daniel Bottle Rocket Div B
Team Poster, also the design on our shirts

Emanuel Div C

Josiah Div B

Kennedy Div C

Sarah Div C
Caris and Sophia Div B

Caris and Naomi Div B

Kindle Case using Nancy Zieman's Pattern

Sarah bought me a pattern to make a case for a tablet computer this past Christmas. Tablet Keeper Pattern

 I started one and it didn't work right, not sure what I did wrong.  But a couple of weeks ago, after O died we were wandering around some stores out near Ikea and I found a tote bag in the colors and pattern I liked, it's one of those inexpensive, reusable grocery tote bags, so I turned it into my kindle case.  It's not perfect and I think I can do a better job next time but it's usable and fills its purpose.