Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

I wish all my friends and family a very merry Christ-mas, filled with wonder at what our Awesome God has done.

I pray that we will remember that the babe in the manger grew up. He lived a sinless life, in this sinful world, suffered the same temptations, and occupied a frail human body so that HE could give His life as a ransom for sinners. His sacrifice was accepted by the Father, He arose the 3rd day. And now sits in heaven at the right hand of God interceding for His children.

In all the hoopla of this busy season, with the gifts to wrap, the cookies to bake, the children out of school and excited, let us not forget the reason Jesus the Christ came into this world. To save sinners like me and like you.

'Holy GOD in love became, perfect man to bear my blame. On the cross He took my sin. By His death I live again.' lyrics by Drew Jones

Dec 20, 2010

What I am Learning

I have started to use a devotional book entitled “Faith Walk, A daily Journey Through the Bible” by Woodrow Kroll and Tony Beckett. The reading for December 18 focused on the Seriousness of Sin. The scriptures were Obadiah and Revelation 9. At the end of each daily reading questions are asked to help you apply what has been learned to your own life.
This is what I read, “We sometimes are too casual about sin and its effects. Consider your life today, looking to see if sin is gripping some part of it. By God’s grace and power you can break its grasp”.

As I prayed and pondered, I realized that I am really selfish a lot of the time. I want everyone to leave me alone so I can __________, you can fill in the blank. I see that I often allow my health issues to interfere with life. My life certainly but more importantly I allow my selfishness to interfere with my family’s life.

The children have become more and more aware of this. They see it in the lack of attention I was giving them.

My sweet, patient husband sees it in the way I tend to brush him off. I’m always too tired, or have a headache, or…

Now that my eyes have been opened I need to change. It does me no good whatsoever to see my selfishness and acknowledge that it is sin if I have no intention of changing.

Please pray for me as I seek to change. Pray that I will recognize quickly when I act in a selfish manner. Pray that I will discipline myself to become less me oriented and more God and family oriented.

Dec 18, 2010

Anniversary Rings

In November 2009, David and I returned to our honeymoon hideaway.  While there, I purchased a 1 carat, emerald cut, pale blue aquamarine.  I had been searching for the 'perfect' (for me) stone because it is David's birthstone.

About August or so of 2010, I started looking for someone who would make a ring to put my stone in.  Very hard to find.  As I perused the internet, I kept returning to 2 artisans on Etsy. 

I emailed the first, with my request but she was unwilling to work with a stone that she had not cut herself.  She explained that stone sometimes break and she did not want to accidentally ruin it for me.

The second person was willing to make a ring with an empty setting, and I would then take it to a jeweler locally to have the stone set. You can find him here:
When the ring arrived I took it to the local jeweler that I had previously contacted only to be told that they would have to remake the setting and the cost would be much more than I had been quoted. The attitude of this shop really didn't sit well with me so I contacted the jeweler where David bought my original engagement ring over 20 years ago.

This proved to be the right choice.  Although they seldom work in sterling silver, they were willing to do the job.  So, yesterday evening David took me into Concord to pick up my ring that has been in the making, (in a vague way) for 13 months.

I am so pleased. It is beautiful.

So, now on my left hand I wear a beautiful, matching wedding set.  (When David saw the 1st ring he told me to get a matching band)

It wasn't a matter of not liking my original rings, it was really several things.  First, several years ago I was using bleach to clean something and I got a chemical burn under the band.  I have had it cleaned professionally and am still unable to wear that band for more than 3 or 4 hours.  The second thing was that my original engagement ring had been a pear cut with a smaller stone on either side.  Those side stones were the problem.  I lost several of them while working and had them replaced.  The last time it happened, I was so aggravated that I traded it in for a single stone ring.  Unfortunately, I did not ask David about this or even have him help me chose a replacement.  So that has bothered him, and as I have tried to be more sensitive to his leadership, it has bothered me.

So now you know the story and here are the photos.

Gingerbread House Results

Sarah and Daniel took 2nd place and Most Creative with their annual entry.  David and I like their creation so much we are trying to figure out how to store it for next years Christmas decorating.  Any suggestions?

The entry that took 1st was a more traditional house with lots of candy.  I had hoped that the judges would like something less traditional, but they did not.  A lot of work had gone into all the entries and I know the kids learned a lot during the construction of the log house.

Dec 10, 2010

RE: Totally Cool Log Cabin

I don't know if it's me or blogger, but I'm having a terrible time adding text after I add pictures.  So, I will tell about the Log Cabin in this post.

Did you know that a dremel tool will cut pretzel logs like a knife through hot butter?  (Is that the correct saying?)

Did you know that hot glue is the best adhesive for this type of project?

Did you know that when a 12 and 14 year old construct an entry for the annual GB House contest your kitchen will feel sticky forEVER!

Sarah in her infinite patience and determination constructed and tore down and rebuilt and torn down and tore down and changed the base and reconstructed ....  I believe it was a total of 4 times.

She tried several variations of icing for the mortar, but in the end technology won.  What is the crafter's favorite tool?  No it's not duct tape.  It is HOT GLUE GUNS!!

She had the patience to glue each tiny peppercorn on the chimney base and THEN discovered that the position of the chimney on the roof meant that part of the chimney should show on the exterior of the log cabin. More  peppercorns to add.

Daniel hollowed out the section of pretzel log AND drilled a hole in it to attach it to the post that is buried in the ground.

Cheerios make a good rubble style walkway.

They started this project before Thanksgiving and worked their little fingers to the bone.

Competition looked stiff when we viewed some of the other entrants yesterday morning.  I hope they at least place, I think if the judges are looking for something different they stand a very good chance.

Totally Cool Log Cabin

Chimney covered in peppercorns.

Notice the tiny mailbox, the open door and the gummy bear garland

roof is shingled with sticks of gum, tree we found at Aldi.