Apr 13, 2011

Things I've Learned

1.  I cannot go get my hair done without getting a terrible migraine from the associated fumes that have been accumulating all day.

2.  My hair does best fairly short.

3.  My hairdresser does a fantastic job with my fine, thin, curls.  Thanks Shannon, you're a true blessing to me.

4.  I have 1 product that works really in my hair. Sunsilk hydra tlc, this is a leave in conditioner that defines the curl without giving me crunchy hair.

5.  I have 1 shampoo that works for me.  JR Ligett's Old-Fashioned Bar Shampoo, Tea Tree & Hemp.

6.  I really like the makeup that Aldi carries.

7.  I need to include more variety in our dinner menu.

8.  My sweet husband can eat slaw, then kind my daughter makes, every day.

9.  My kids like fresh spinach, in salad, on sandwiches.  So does the dog.  Like spinach, and broccoli, but not carrots.

10.  I'm good at organizing, but often don't finish well.

11.  I am enjoying non-fiction books much more lately. 

12.  I want people to read my mind, and see what I see that needs to be done.

13.  I can get pretty ugly when I don't get things my way.

14.  I need to structure our day.

15.  When the kids know ahead of time what I expect of them in their book lessons each day, they do it.  And they do well.  And they fight less.  And they work together.

16.  It is true that the mom sets the tone for the day.  At least when she is home.  Like I am.  All day.

Even when I think I am failing God shows me that he is at work in my life.  In all our lives.

I can not type well with a migraine.

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