Apr 27, 2011

Money Savers we are doing

The budget is tight and our kids are growing.  Groceries are going higher and gas is, well gas is awful.

So where can we cut spending?  This month we have dropped our land line and changed ISP providers  cutting this bill in HALF.

And we did not sacrifice speed or quality. 

How can this be?

We tried Magic Jack  http://www.magicjack.com/1/step2.asp on a 30 day trial and liked it so much that we bought the equipment and paid ahead for 5 years of service.  If we move it all goes with us and we don't have to change phone numbers. 

We brought our unlimited phone service down to about $2 a month.

So far so good...

Then this past weekend after we had trouble with TWC's internet service, we bought Clear internet service. http://www.clear.com/ The modem arrived to day and we got it hooked up to 2 pc's and ran some speed tests and even on the voip phone, downloading a large file and looking up info on the 2nd pc, our speeds were wonderful.

The ISP service is about $45 a month.

Now if we could just spend less on groceries.

That is my goal for May.  Cut way back on food expenditures.  I have a real problem with grabbing fast food.  So this will take some planning.

Plan meals at home.
Use leftovers better
Plan for snacks
Plan for meals taken with us for running errands etc.

I also want to try to drink nothing but water for the month of May.  That will be hard especially when I am nauseous with a headache.

I'm going to take it 1 day at a time.

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