Mar 15, 2011

Photos from WSSA Competition

Sarah G @ judges table for a singles event

Sarah G & Sarah S doubles event, 2nd place in 15+ division
Daniel with relay team
Sarah & Sarah switching out in the relay, this team came in 2nd in the 15+ division

Coach Rhonda (black Shirt), Sarah S, Sarah G, Chelsey, Kyle, Emily, Kim, Christian, Kimberly, Joesy, Savannah, Abby, Daniel

Christian & Kyle, doubles event

Abby, singles event


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The DeBruhl Family said...

hey susan! i had no clue you had a blog! now I can read up on you all as well! YAY for cloth diapers! I have really enjoyed it so far! Looks like your kiddos are growing and staying busy! I cant believe how big they are! hope you all are doing well!