Apr 19, 2011

What God is teaching me

Why do I post publicly about my spiritual life?  Accountability and prayer.  Even if only the ten people that I send my post to read this post, I can be pretty sure that they will pray for me, maybe even ask me how I am doing.

This past Sunday was a very honest day for me.  It was Palm Sunday, and a few of the kids in church joined the choir for the anthem.  We had a full choir loft.  My two, the pastors youngest, and 3 younger kiddos.

We were dressed in our robes, the littlest 3 wore angel robes minus wings and halos.  We entered the sanctuary from the main entrance of the church instead of coming in behind the pulpit.

The kids  and adults(?) carried palm branches.  It was wonderful to have the children participating and they did very well.

After the anthem the choir filed out and to their seats.  The service proceeded as normal. Opening prayer, announcements, the singing of hymns etc.

Something 'new' that has been added to the service in the past weeks has been an opportunity to pray as individuals.  The pastor opens this time up and closes this time when he feels the time is right.  We usually have several people pray out loud each Sunday and I have been truly blessed by this addition to the service.

This Sunday someone new was sitting in the pew in front of me.  I hadn't spoken to him, and unfortunately didn't have the opportunity after the service.  I hope and pray that he returns.

Three or so people had prayed when this gentleman broke into prayer and tears,  confessing a wrong he had done someone.  He didn't go into a lot of detail, but he didn't need to, the Father already knew.

This man was honest before God and the entire congregation.  He didn't try to hide his sin and be something he was not.  He respond to Gods work in his heart and came to the Saviour just as he was. 

I hope he returns, I want to speak to him and tell him that his prayer and honesty sparked a change in me.  I hope that others will be encouraged and freed from the need to appear perfect.  We need to be open, God already knows everything so we're not hiding from Him.  The scripture tells that we are not to be afraid of people, but fear Him who can harm both body and soul. As he prayed my heart was broken over the sin in my life.  After he finished I started to pray and soon was sobbing over my sin. 

You must understand that I generally do not pray out loud in a mixed congregation.  But this time I had no choice.  I was drawn irresistibly and my words were straight from my heart to His ears.  It did NOT matter that there were many others hearing my voice, and my tears.  This was between me and my Saviour and nothing could stop it.

Have I been challenged in the 48 hours since?  Very much so, but praise goes to my Saviour, I have recognized where I was headed and allowed Him to lead me instead of doing it my way.

This is real.  My prayer was not planned, rehearsed, phony.  I was in the presence of God and I came to Him humbly and in tears.

The words to "I Can Only Imagine"  ask

 "Will I dance for you Jesus or in awe of you be still? 
Will I stand in Your presence, to my knees will I fall,
will I sing Hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all?  I can only imagine"

I don't know how I will respond in heaven.  I do know how I responded to my Saviour as He pointed out my sin.

How will you respond?

Don't try to hide your imperfections.  Instead choose to be open about your struggles. 

When you read this, leave a comment and let me know how I can pray for you.  We will stregthen each other.

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