May 10, 2011

Money Savers part 2

As we continue to search for ways to cut expenses we have found that sometimes you have to spend some money, upfront, to save money.

This was true of our  change in ISP's and is also true in our mobile phones.

Common Cents Mobile is a prepaid cellular service with the low per minute price of $0.07, (7 cents) per minute AND the round down.  So if I use my cell phone for 1 minute 59 seconds I have only used 7 cents!!

To be totally honest, we did have to purchase a new phone when we had a perfectly good phone already. The old phone will be used by the kids until the minutes are all gone and then, well I don't know what then.

Davids phone came today.  It is a Kyocera with a qwerty keyboard.  Since he actually uses his mobile and texts quite often for work, this was the best way to go.  He should be able to port his number and then we can transfer any remaining tracfone minutes to one of our other tracfones. 

Seven cents per minute vs 25 cents per minutes is a big savings.  I have always been able to find promo codes to use with our tracfones, but the lowest price I can remember paying was 9 cents.  And since I cannot guarantee 9 cents per minute every time I need to purchase minutes, the change in providers was worth it.

Leave a comment and let me know how you are cutting expenses.

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