Dec 20, 2010

What I am Learning

I have started to use a devotional book entitled “Faith Walk, A daily Journey Through the Bible” by Woodrow Kroll and Tony Beckett. The reading for December 18 focused on the Seriousness of Sin. The scriptures were Obadiah and Revelation 9. At the end of each daily reading questions are asked to help you apply what has been learned to your own life.
This is what I read, “We sometimes are too casual about sin and its effects. Consider your life today, looking to see if sin is gripping some part of it. By God’s grace and power you can break its grasp”.

As I prayed and pondered, I realized that I am really selfish a lot of the time. I want everyone to leave me alone so I can __________, you can fill in the blank. I see that I often allow my health issues to interfere with life. My life certainly but more importantly I allow my selfishness to interfere with my family’s life.

The children have become more and more aware of this. They see it in the lack of attention I was giving them.

My sweet, patient husband sees it in the way I tend to brush him off. I’m always too tired, or have a headache, or…

Now that my eyes have been opened I need to change. It does me no good whatsoever to see my selfishness and acknowledge that it is sin if I have no intention of changing.

Please pray for me as I seek to change. Pray that I will recognize quickly when I act in a selfish manner. Pray that I will discipline myself to become less me oriented and more God and family oriented.

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