Dec 10, 2010

RE: Totally Cool Log Cabin

I don't know if it's me or blogger, but I'm having a terrible time adding text after I add pictures.  So, I will tell about the Log Cabin in this post.

Did you know that a dremel tool will cut pretzel logs like a knife through hot butter?  (Is that the correct saying?)

Did you know that hot glue is the best adhesive for this type of project?

Did you know that when a 12 and 14 year old construct an entry for the annual GB House contest your kitchen will feel sticky forEVER!

Sarah in her infinite patience and determination constructed and tore down and rebuilt and torn down and tore down and changed the base and reconstructed ....  I believe it was a total of 4 times.

She tried several variations of icing for the mortar, but in the end technology won.  What is the crafter's favorite tool?  No it's not duct tape.  It is HOT GLUE GUNS!!

She had the patience to glue each tiny peppercorn on the chimney base and THEN discovered that the position of the chimney on the roof meant that part of the chimney should show on the exterior of the log cabin. More  peppercorns to add.

Daniel hollowed out the section of pretzel log AND drilled a hole in it to attach it to the post that is buried in the ground.

Cheerios make a good rubble style walkway.

They started this project before Thanksgiving and worked their little fingers to the bone.

Competition looked stiff when we viewed some of the other entrants yesterday morning.  I hope they at least place, I think if the judges are looking for something different they stand a very good chance.

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