Dec 18, 2010

Anniversary Rings

In November 2009, David and I returned to our honeymoon hideaway.  While there, I purchased a 1 carat, emerald cut, pale blue aquamarine.  I had been searching for the 'perfect' (for me) stone because it is David's birthstone.

About August or so of 2010, I started looking for someone who would make a ring to put my stone in.  Very hard to find.  As I perused the internet, I kept returning to 2 artisans on Etsy. 

I emailed the first, with my request but she was unwilling to work with a stone that she had not cut herself.  She explained that stone sometimes break and she did not want to accidentally ruin it for me.

The second person was willing to make a ring with an empty setting, and I would then take it to a jeweler locally to have the stone set. You can find him here:
When the ring arrived I took it to the local jeweler that I had previously contacted only to be told that they would have to remake the setting and the cost would be much more than I had been quoted. The attitude of this shop really didn't sit well with me so I contacted the jeweler where David bought my original engagement ring over 20 years ago.

This proved to be the right choice.  Although they seldom work in sterling silver, they were willing to do the job.  So, yesterday evening David took me into Concord to pick up my ring that has been in the making, (in a vague way) for 13 months.

I am so pleased. It is beautiful.

So, now on my left hand I wear a beautiful, matching wedding set.  (When David saw the 1st ring he told me to get a matching band)

It wasn't a matter of not liking my original rings, it was really several things.  First, several years ago I was using bleach to clean something and I got a chemical burn under the band.  I have had it cleaned professionally and am still unable to wear that band for more than 3 or 4 hours.  The second thing was that my original engagement ring had been a pear cut with a smaller stone on either side.  Those side stones were the problem.  I lost several of them while working and had them replaced.  The last time it happened, I was so aggravated that I traded it in for a single stone ring.  Unfortunately, I did not ask David about this or even have him help me chose a replacement.  So that has bothered him, and as I have tried to be more sensitive to his leadership, it has bothered me.

So now you know the story and here are the photos.

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