Sep 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Daniel

Today my first born is 14. It is hard to believe  accept.  Aas I hugged him and wished him happy birthday, I got so choked up.  He has grown and changed so much from the end of school last year to now.  He is becoming a fine young man.

He stands head and shoulders above me.  I didn't realize how tall he really was until one day I asked him to get something out of the the top kitchen cabinet for me.  He walked over and reached up, didn't even stretch, and handed me the item.  At that point it hit me how tall he actually is.  He is just turned 14 and pushing 6 feet tall.

The pictures are from his actual birthday.  I wish I had photos in the pc from each year.  Maybe I can get that done soon , for both children.

Any way, Happy Birthday, Daniel, I love you.

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