Sep 16, 2010

Prayer and Thankfulness

Before you go any further today, please read the blog post that I have linked for you.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I have been "bugged" by things that are prayed for and things that people thank God for. 

But after reading the post above, my perception changed.  I contacted Beth and received permission to link to her post.  I must remember to send her the link to mine.

The point I want to make is that we are told "... In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." 1 Thessalonians 5

So with this new perspective I am trying to give thanks in literally everything.  What does this look like? Well, first it has helped my attitude when I hear my child thanking God for the chance to watch a movie.  I must remember that it is the thankful attitude that is most important. 

So Thank You God for:
a computer
the Internet
our library
our librarians
a warm home
running water
beautiful flowers
a baby's cry
a tender kiss
the love of my husband
my 2 bright, energetic, imaginative, loving, wise children
our "monster-dog" Oscar
my car
food to cook and eat
bills to pay
my migraines, I don't know the why, but I do know the Savior and that's most important

And I will continue to say, " I am doing better than I deserve."

I deserve eternal hell, but Christ has redeemed me for His own and I am no longer a slave to sin.  Now I serve the King of kings.

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Beth said...

It is so hard to give thanks in everything, isn't it, Susan. But that's what God tells us to do - in the good and the bad, the large and the small, the easy things and the trials. He is in all of it - working out His good purposes, and changing us, I think, as we offer our thanks and praise.

Hi to all your family!