Aug 25, 2010

Kitchen Favorites 1

As I was preparing dinner tonight, it occurred to me that I use the same tools over and over.  "Why do I do this?" I asked myself.
I answered myself, "Because these tools have stood the test of time, and done the job well. Most of them for at least 10 years."

Then I pondered..."Why not post a series about these tools?  Maybe others would like this info."

So without further ado, (I like that phrase  ;0)  here is the first entry.

1.  Pizza Stone, I have 3 of these.  They start out as a light tan, rough surfaced disk.  But after many, many uses they become dark and slick. Care for them as you would a cast iron skillet.  I bake everything I can on them.

2.  The Original Dish Drying Mat, very absorbant, washes up well.  I have 2 and will probably get at least 2 more.  They are a nice size, I use 1 as a doggy placemat and possibly will get 4 for informal place mats for the table.

3.  Pampered Chef Bamboo Tongs perfect for pulling toast out of the toaster.

4.  Pampered Chef potatoe masher.  Nice and sturdy, easy to clean. 

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