Sep 16, 2010

And They'll Know We are Christians By Our Love, and our words and our deeds...

As I browse through facebook profiles of people I know, I am ashamed.  Ashamed of the words that are posted.  Ashamed of the things that are "liked".  Ashamed of the attitudes displayed while at the same time the title of 'christian' is bandied about with no regard.

Words mean something.  Our culture has denigrated the language so much that words  once  taboo, highly insulting,  even forbidden have now become a badge of 'honor'.

Parents, if your kids are on Facebook or have a blog, please keep an eye on what they post.  I think that we often post something on the www that we would not say in real life.  I know I have said things online that in retrospect I would NEVER have said in the same way if I had been talking to that person face to face.

I have been on a lot of facebook pages this week as I tried to keep up-to-date on the funeral plans for a dear young man from our church who was killed last week while serving his country in Iraq.  Consequently I have seen a lot of comments that were not anything I would want my children to call themselves or anyone else.

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