Jul 6, 2010

Upholstery started....& FINISHED!!

Today David and the children helped me to reupholster the 3 remaining cafeteria chairs. 
David and Daniel tore down,
David and Sarah cut new backs for 2 of the chairs. 
Sarah, Daniel and I cut out foam and fabric.
I taught Sarah and then Sarah taught Daniel to do the recovering.

 (It's interesting to see them in the role of student and then teacher.  The different styles of learning are readily apparent).

Considering my very limited experience, ( I had done 1 entire chair on my own in my life)  I was pretty pleased with the amount of success we had.

Finally David reassembled the newly covered chairs and finished in time for dinner.

Here are some photos of the event...

There are 4 chairs like this.  Daniel and Sarah both did one chair alone so they got to sign and date their chair.  These chairs have a poster board type cover on the bottom of the seat.  Perfect to sign your work!

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