Jul 7, 2010

The Couch Prior

Apparently the timeline in my mind is running backwards... or I didn't put all the reupholstering photos in the same folder.  (Yeah, that's it)  So here are some photos of the job being done. 

BUT you must first picture a couch up on sawhorses in the dining room, while the dining room table was shoved into the living room.  Working on this project are 3 adults, 2 adult-size kids and 1 big dog who loves my Dad and insisted on being in the middle of the 'action'.

Various tools of the trade, plastic to protect the carpet from becoming embedded with staples, an air compressor with its hoses to operate the staple guns, a sewing machine, actually 3 were used, mine, Sarah's Singer and the real upholstery sewing machine at the shop.

Nuff said....Enjoy

this is the chair, the couch was in the same horrible condition

torn down to the springs, only a little structural repair was needed

Mom sewing welt on my machine.

starting to put things back together

Do not for a second think that reupholstering a couch is an easy job.  My parents have done this for years.  They are professionals!

If the furniture had been of a simpler design, I might be more confident in my newly, semi-acquired knowledge.  But it has this odd curve on the back wings AND I wanted the back cushions to be smoothed out.  

All in all we did it.  AND I am so thankful for my parents help.  It (and my daughter) has sparked an interest in sprucing up things around here.  Using fabrics from my stash, I think we might accomplish a lot this summer. 

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