Jul 5, 2010

...these past few weeks...

1.  With my parents help, reupholstered 1 of our couches.
2. Ordered most of the curriculum for the 2010-2011 school year.
3.  Made a dent in the decluttering/reorganizing that I do each summer between the end of one school year and the beginning of another.
4.  Recovered 1 of 4 cafeteria chairs that we have.
5.  Started making throw pillows for our newly covered couch.
6.  Started the listing and selling of books that we are done with.
7.  Repeated #6 for K
8.  Cleared 1 entire bookcase of 'keepers' so that 'get-rid-of' books could be placed in some semblance of order.
9.  Fallen 2x in 3 days.
10.  Missed the 4th of July parade and fireworks because of injury sustained in #9.
11.  Decluttered the craft cabinet.
12.  Decided that some of the unfinished crafts could be finished to be sold @ the craft fair in October.
13.  Relocated my sewing machine and Oscars crate so that I have more access to sew at will and he still has a nice comfy bed.  (he doesn't really like it, but hopefully will adjust)
14.  Watched my 12 and almost 14 year old continue to learn, grow (physically and spiritually) and love each other and those they interact with.
15.  Loved on Axel who is now 5 months old.
16.  Prayed for 2 family members for healing
17.  Rejoiced over a cancer-free report from a dear lady at church
18.  Been blessed by other believers in this fallen world.
19.  Been cared for by a loving husband who honestly but gently points out when I'm becoming grouchy with pain.
20.  Learned a silly Star Wars song that is a tribute to John Williams the composer of theme songs for many Spielberg movies.  Star Wars Song

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