Jul 28, 2010

Random Pictures…Just Because I Can

Blue Glass Bottle Butter dish.  The bottle has been heated and collapsed.  We found this during our 20th anniversary trip.

Wool Yarn & Brittany Crochet Hook

Christmas Photo

Sugar Cube Igloo for library contest.  The finished project included a polar bear molded out of very stiff icing all on a bed of meringue

Sarah & 'Puppy" making cookies

'Puppy' also helped me make pizza that day.  He sat on the bar and watched and sampled.  He even tried the raw onions!  Those were spit out very quickly.

H'Burg fire dept. training

Deep in thought

Hammin' it up

Hat I made from the afore mentioned wool.  Made for a dear lady at church who is now cancer FREE!!!

I think that 'Puppy' might have done more tasting than baking.  He is also a ham for the camera.

'Izzy' making a Christmas gift for Mommy.

My 'Mothers Day' gift from the kiddos.  This is a spoon ring that was purchased from a lady on etsy.

search for spoon rings

You will find many, the pattern for my ring is 'April' but I don't know which company made it. 
I have my grammas good silver, the pattern is 'Talisman' by the Wm Rogers co.  I would like to get some pieces in that pattern made for the women in our family.  I don't think my brothers would want a spoon ring so I thought I'd have the piece made for their wives.

'Zazwa' reading my favorite Dr Seuss book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

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