Feb 3, 2010

Update on Axel

Not a great picture as it was taken on a cell phone.  Hopefully I'll get some more soon.

Michelle just called to give me an update.  Axel is doing as well as can be expected for his condition.  He is maintaining his body temp and they extubated him.  The next hurdle is for him to either nurse or take a bottle well.  They will try a bottle today and hopefully he'll do well with that.

After he feeds well he will be closer to  coming home.

Continue to pray for him and his parents.  I'm sure they are getting tired physically and I know they want to get him home asap.

Jake returns to school in Nashville on March 4th, and that is going to be a strain on him, to be away from Jenna and Axel so much.  Pray for Jake that he will be able to concentrate on his education while he's away so that he will be able to graduate as scheduled.

Pray for Jenna as she learns to nurse and care for her new family.
Pray for Michelle, Jenna's Mom & my sister that she will be an encouragement to J&J and that she will not get too tired either.  If she gets too tired it can trigger health problems for her.

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