Feb 24, 2010

Axel Update

Axel, 4 weeks old.

Jenna & Jake with Axel, he is about 2 weeks old.

Jenna & Axel.  so far this is my very favorite photo.

Yesterday Axel turned 4 weeks old.  His little personality is starting to show.  He has inherited a trait from his maternal great-great - grandma, he can roll his tongue! I found out that Jenna and both my kids can do the tongue roll as well. Not important to his health, but something I find fascinating nonetheless.

He has really improved in his sucking reflex and is taking more and more milk by bottle.  He still has his external shunt, hopefully that will be removed in the next few days.  As long as he has it, he has to stay and they aren't letting him be held.
He also still has his nasal feeding tube, I'm hoping that very soon he will take all his feedings by mouth.

Michelle reminded me today that when they first met with  neurosurgeon back in July, nobody expected this baby to even breathe on his own, let alone take a bottle, move, or cry. 

He still has a lot of problems, but he is so much stronger than we had hoped.  God has truly blessed him, his parents and all the rest of his family.

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