Feb 7, 2010

Axel, 12 days old

Axel is 12 days old.  He has been taking a bottle, but can't get enough nurishment with a bottle alone at this time.The next step will be putting a permanent feeding tube in.  I believe he's scheduled for that on Monday 2/7/2010.

My prayer is that with the feeding tube, he will grow stronger and eventually be able to take all his food by mouth.
He is still in the NICU and his mommy and daddy are spending several hours with him each day.  The kids and I haven't seen him in person yet because of strict visitation rules at the hospital.  I can't wait to meet him in person.

Jake is scheduled to return to Nashville, TN on March 4th ( I think that's the correct date). In light of that please pray that Axel will be able to go home soon and that his mommy and daddy will have more than just a few days to enjoy being at home with him.

That's Michelle (Memaw to Axel) holding him and I think it's his mommy feeding him.  The second picture is hard for me to tell, but Jenna has blonde hair so I'm fairly sure on my i.d.

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