Feb 16, 2010

Axel Update

Axel is 3 weeks old today.

So far he has undergone 2 surgeries, a MRI, a feeding tube, antibiotics for an infection...

This little guy has been through a lot in his brief life.

His shunt started leaking CSF and then an infection developed, so they removed the shunt and have created a drain for the CSF that drains to the outside of his little body.

His personality is becoming evident. Mom (his great-grandma) told me that he doesn't like a noisy environment so they have moved him to a quieter area in the NICU. He also does not like it when he hiccups and when he is hungry he lets everyone know. And as soon as the milk hits his tummy he quickly calms down.

There are so many things that he is doing that we never expected him to do. He cries, he moves his arms and legs, & he is breathing on his own.

Even though we have much to be thankful for, Axel is still facing an uphill battle. I was told today that he has at least another 2 weeks in hospital.

We covet your prayers for Axel and his parents. I cannot imagine what Jenna & Jake are going through, anxiously waiting for their baby to come home, wondering what will come next, and on top of that, Jake is due to return to Nashville on March 4th.

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