Jan 31, 2010

We Have Snow

Friday night snowing.
Friday night snow-wheel not snow ballD& S and their friend D built a small fort by cutting and lifting the frozen crust of snow and making bricksOf course 'Ah-ker'  (real name Oscar but my favorite little person cant' say the 's' yet)  had to investigate and try to mark it as his!!

It is now Sunday Morning, Januray 31 and it's still cold and frozen outside.  We are staying warm and crocheting, reading, watching movies...
Tomorrow it's back to school for us even if the rest of the town is snowed in.

Living in  the Piedmont of NC, we don't get much snow, so travel is not safe when we have it.  There are no snow tires, or chains.  Only the main roads get plowed and treated and we hunker down and wait.

When bad winter weather is called for a mad rush to the grocery stores and gas stations ensues.  When Hubby and I went to gas up both cars on Friday, (they really needed it, I was close to fumes)  we had to wait in line! 

If you're not used to the reaction to the weather, you 'll think everyone is crazy.  The stores run out of the basics as everyone rushes to stock up.

When we first moved to the area in 1982, I thought it was crazy.  I was used to the weather in PA and wondered why people almost paniced at the thought of a couple of snow days.

Now 28 years late I totally understand.  And I might even make a run to the store if I think I'm short on supplies.

Oh well, the kids enjoy the brief respite from normal NC winter weather and have a blast while the snow lasts.

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