Jan 12, 2010

Sick, Sick, Sick

Sick, we are all sick.

Four cases of H1N1. (David, Susan, Daniel, Sarah)
To that add
1 case of Sinusitis, (David)
1 case of Pneumonia, (Daniel) both lungs
& 2 cases of Bronchitis (Sarah & David)

Then factor in:

1 Trip to the ER, (Daniel)
4 Trips to the Pediatrician (Daniel & Sarah)
2 Trips to the Internal Med. Doctor, (David & Susan)

Don’t forget:
4 prescriptions for antibiotics
2 prescriptions for inhalers
1 prescription of an expensive cough syrup
&1 breathing treatment at the ER

Multiple trips to the store for things like,
Propel, to keep the children hydrated
Delsym, to soothe the cough
Mucinex, to relieve congestion
Bleach, to disinfect everything in site.

But now the end is in site.
Finally, after 14 days I think w are turning the corner and heading back toward healthy.

My advice?


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