Jan 27, 2010

Update on Axel

Just got word that baby Axel is having an MRI ( right now 1.40 pm)- and that they will be placing a shunt to deal with his hydrocephalus after the MRI.  There is also talk of placing a trach, but I don't understand the reasoning for that.

He is having a bit of problems, but compared to what we were told this summer it is obvious that he is soo much better than we anticipated.

For those of you who aren't aware this summer Jenna was told that he would most likely be a vegetable because of the severity of the Spina Bifida. Now we're looking forward to a much better outcome.  Please keep them in prayer as J&J learn to care for this precious child.  Caring for a newborn is tiring to the best of us and 

The problems he is having are:
  • Not sucking well, may have to have a feeding tube
  • Not swallowing well
  • Can't or won't open his mouth wide
I'm very encouraged though by the blessing our Father has bestowed on Jenna & Jake in bringing  Axel safely into the world and by his problems being less severe. Pray for them as they continue to learn what Axel's health issuse are and as they starty a new season of like called parenting.

Jenna is recovering nicely from the c-section and we anticipate her release on Friday or Saturday.

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