Sep 6, 2009

To all my 'FRIENDS' on facebook

I am closing my facebook account. If, in the future, you want to know what I am up to, then please feel free to call me or even write me a letter. I am home most of the time. Since we homeschool, afternoons are best for phone calls, and it does usually take me at least a few days to respond to a letter. But I will respond. And I LOVE getting a real letter in the mail.
If it is urgent, an email is okay, but definitely not my preferred method of communication.
You may be wondering why I am choosing to quite using something so easy to use such as facebook. Did you read the article I linked in my previous post? No? Then here is the link again... read it.
If you truly are my friend, then we will work to maintain our relationship. How many people do you have on your 'friends' list. 100? more? Can that many people truly be your friend? Acquaintance maybe, but FRIEND? Come on, people, get real. Friendships take work. Facebook doesn't require any effort.
Neither does blogging for that matter. BUT, I am going to keep my blog, because it is an easy way to get pictures to Aunt C whom we call regularly as well as to other real friends that are now in other states and to whom we either write or call.
So, good-bye Facebook. it was fun for a while, but not worth the isolation that it caused, or the 'fake' friendships that it encouraged.
Join me if you dare in building real relationships, full of life, promise, trust, and encouragement.

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