Sep 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel

WOW, Daniel is 13. He was a Labor Day baby in 1996. Our pastor at the time stopped by the hospital on the way out of town to pray with us. Fortunately Daniel had made his entrance by then!

It's hard to believe that only thirteen years ago he was a tiny 7# infant and now he is becoming a young man. (No 'teenagers' allowed in the Gibson household, only young men and ladies).

To celebrate we spent the day with Dad, and went bowling. I think it will soon become a favorite pasttime. We went to Fryes Lake Lanes, where if you go at the right time, (Thursday after 1pm) Eddie will probably be there, and if you ask he will give you tips on improving your game. Eddie is one of those guys who loves the game and wants to see young people do well form the start.

Hopefully the kiddos and I will be able to bowl at least a couple of times a month during the day and David will be able to join us on his days off.

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