Dec 30, 2014

What's in the works for 2015?

In no special order looking ahead to 2015.
  • Love my husband better in his love language
  • Daniel will graduate.
  • Daniel's Senior Prom
  • Finish Daniels afghan
  • Finish my sweater
  • Plan Sarah's Senior year
  • Start Sarah's afghan
  • David new job
  • rearrange master bedroom
  • walk 30 minutes 5 days each week
  • find a new pair of boots that I love just as much as the ones I can no longer wear because my feet stay swollen since I broke (R) and sprained (L) my ankles.
  • learn entralac crochet
  • learn Tunisian crochet
  • investigate selling my handmade bags at a local shop
  • possibly get a dog.  I miss having one but at this point we can't afford to get one.  Even if we were given a dog we can't pay for food & vet.
  • read Atlas Shrugged.  David has wanted me to read it for years.  It's a hard read for me since it doesn't catch my interest quickly.  I've started it many times.  I hope to finally finish it in 2015
No Truer words have been spoken.

The sweater I'm making.  Mine is plum, burgundy flowers and green stems.

Sarah & Rusty.  He LUVs  her.

Daniel using Davids camera shooting trains.

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