Dec 22, 2014

Our Father's Provision NEVER Ends

The Gibsons are so blessed. 

David lost his job on 9/29 and that was it.  They offered a small "settlement" but he would have to sign all his rights to going to the EEOC away.  (Does that make sense?)

Our budget has been so tight for so long that we had very little to fall back on.

Our GOD is so good to us.  I have a list of folks to write thank you notes to.  We have come home to find groceries waiting for us.  Received gift cards in the mail, had meals brought to us.
Every time David or I start to get discouraged something happens to refocus our minds on HIM instead of on us.

Keep praying for us.  For a job.  For health.  For wisdom.  For patience.  That in all we do or say we will give glory to our Father in Heaven. 

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