Dec 22, 2014

Update on Sarah

On Friday, November 21, Sarah was at a friends house helping with the baking and visiting.  Around 4.30 she and her friend Samantha took their 2 dogs for a walk.  Sarah ran ahead and around the corner with her dog.  When Samantha rounded the corner she saw Sarah on the ground with Momo sitting beside her.

Samantha helped her up and they went back to the house where Sarah complained of a bad headache and was very tearful and frightened.  Jodie, Sam's Mom, called us and immediately brought Sarah home.

She had, and still has, no memory of the fall or of the next several hours.  She was continually asking the same question over and over.  We watched her very carefully over the next hours and talked to a doctor friend the next day who told us what to look for.

Today, a little over 4 weeks late she still has no memory of that time period.  We have no idea why she fell.  Her doctor said it could have been low blood pressure, low blood sugar or just simply tripping.

I've never been as scared for my child as I was with this.  This invisible injury was terrifying.  She is finally back to her normal school and volunteer schedule just in the last week or so.

I'm so thankful for the people who prayed for her and for us during this time.

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