Dec 14, 2012

Christmas is almost here...

but I'm not really in the "Christmas Spirit".  It's not that I'm depressed or anything, tho I am sick with this upper respiratory bug that's going around.  I'm just not feeling it.

It's not cold, tho I did have a bit of frost on the windshield at 8 this morning.  Currently I have some Christmas music playing on YouTube...

Maybe it's because I've had a rough fall.  October was really bad, then Thanksgiving week David got sick and he is still fighting it.  Last weekend Sarah came down with her version of the crud and is still not feeling well.  I started on Tuesday and my breathing was very quickly compromised and even after using my rescue inhaler 2x I was still in the yellow zone.  Got in to see my pulmonologist this morning and came home with antibiotics, steroids, new rescue inhaler, nebulizer solution and a $50 bottle of cough syrup. 

Daniel has NOT gotten sick yet, tho he did cough so much while I was at the doctor that he lost his breakfast.  He's due any time. LOL

So, even tho I'm not feelin' "it", I am still and always so grateful for the awesome gift that we celebrate this season and hopefully remember all the year.

What Child is This?
Were You There?
Easter Song

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