Dec 19, 2012

Asthma, I'm home

I know Daniel Gibson posted on his FB page on Sunday night asking folks to pray for me since I was on my way to hospital because I couldn't breathe.

Well, I'm home now, got here about 7is tonight. I was hospitalized for 48 hours because of an asthma exacerbation brought on by this virus that is going around. The same bug that I was being treated for!

Please if you have or know someone with asthma take it seriously. By the time I got to hospital, I had hyperventilated so much, trying to breathe, that my hands had cramped into claws, like a birds foot, and my feet were numb. It took at least an hour for my hands to calm down enough to be useful.

The funny thing is, I was doing everything right. When I first got sick on Tuesday I started more frequent checking of my lung function. I was using my meds properly. I even went to the doctor on Friday who put me on steroids to open my lungs as well as antibiotics and a powerful cough med combo to help me have a productive cough and to get my lungs clear.

In fact, on Sunday, even tho we didn't go to church because I was still running a fever and therefore probably still contagious, I felt a lot better. I even went for 2 walks to try to counteract all the havoc the steroids were raising with my blood sugar levels. (It's a fine balancing act).

But for some reason about 7 p.m. On Sunday night my breathing suddenly deteriorated. I did 2 rounds of my nebulizer treatment back to back, called my pulmonologist and headed to the ER.

Let me tell you something. When you pull into the ER and can't breathe you go straight to the head of the line and through the door. I didn't stop to register, the nurse just dug out my license, with my okay, and wheeled me through the door. I didn't stop to get triaged, I was taken straight to a room and within seconds was surrounded by at least 4 people putting my on oxygen, inserting I.V.'s etc. The doctor arrived very quickly and ordered labs, meds etc.

After 2 more round of nebulizer treatments, oxygen, chest x-rays, it was decided that I was still to sick to go home and David left. It was past midnight, the kids were home and worried, and he had to get some sleep so he could go to work. So as soon as my admittance was verified, he took off.

I will tell you this. University Hospital is an excellent facility. The staff are caring and kind. The food is wonderful. I highly recommend choosing them over Northeast Medical Center. (I've had experience with the ER Dept in both in the past 2 months).

Anyway, I'm home and better tho still sick with this bug. I plan on taking it easy the rest of this week and hopefully you will never have to deal with something like this. It is truly frightening.



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