Apr 20, 2012

Trader Joe's

I don't get it...

                    Maybe I'm not young and hip enough but I just do not see the fascination with TJ's.  I liked the atmosphere, the friendly staff, the decor...

                   But I didn't find enough there to warrant a regular trip.  I went there on the recommendation of my Naturopathic Doctor.  She said they have really good bacon that has no nitrites or nitrates.  So we tried it last night.

                  We slowly wandered the aisle, carefully looking, reading labels, comparing prices.  We ended up buying:
  • 3 pk sampler of Montchevre Crottin Goat Cheese, 10.5 oz, $4.99
  • 2 Salami/ Provolone snack packs for the kids, 3.98
  • 2 bunches broccoli,   3.98
  • 2 pkgs tiny frozen Brussels sprouts, 2.38
  • 1# bacon ends & pieces, nitrite/ nitrate free, 2.99
  • Lemon Pepper spice grinder, 60 grams, 1.99
  • Dried Dill weed, 14 grams, 1.99
  • 1# organic yellow popping corn, 1.99
Total spent $24.78

So far I've tried the
  • goat cheese, LOVE it!
  • bacon, LOVE it!
  • Dill, Very Good!

 Verdict?  I'll go back occasionally for the bacon and dill, maybe the Brussels sprouts, we really like Brussels sprouts, if needed at the time I'll pick up popcorn.  But over all, I don't see what the big deal is.

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