Apr 8, 2012


On this Resurrection Sunday, 2012  we focused on the stations of the cross.  

I had heard of "The Stations of the Cross"  but never knew what it was other than it was a "catholic" thing.  Anyway, this past Friday, Good Friday, (Good? Friday)  we were taking the kids to Discovery Place, http://www.discoveryplace.org/.  So we decided to have lunch at the Methodist Church http://harrisburgumc.org/ here in Harrisburg since they were having an 'all-u-can eat' fish fry.  Good food, money goes to support a good cause etc.  What we did NOT know was they had set up in the sanctuary 'The Stations of the Cross'. 

We went through the stations after lunch.  It was very simply but tastefully done.  Quiet music played, lights were dimmed, beautiful art prints portrayed each step, candles and incense burned...  for me it was a very solemn and VERY emotional journey.  It really brought it all back to the front of my mind... 
      What Christ chose to go through for sinners such as I.   It's not just the physical torture, although that was horrific... It is the fact that He CHOSE to go through it.  All the humiliation, the pain, the anguish, the SEPARATION from God...

Read the scriptures.  Don't take my word for it. 

Station 1, Jesus Prays Alone, Luke 22:39-44
Station 2, Jesus is arrested, Matt. 26:47-56
Station 3, Sanhedrin tries Jesus, Mark 14:61-64
Station 4, Pilate tries Jesus, John 18:33-37
Station 5, Pilate sentences Jesus, Mark 15:6-15
Station 6, Jesus wears crown, John 19:5
Station 7, Jesus carries cross, John 10:17-18
Station 8, Simon carries cross, Luke 23:26
Station 9, Jesus speaks to the women, Luke 23:27-31
Station 10, Jesus is crucified, Luke 23:33-34
Station 11, Criminals speak to Jesus, Luke 23:39-43
Station 12, Jesus speaks to Mary, John, John 19:25-27
Station 13, Jesus dies on the cross, John 1928-34
Station 14, Jesus is laid in the tomb, John 19:38-42

Watch "The Passion of the Christ" amazon
Read Max Lucado's book, "He Chose the Nails"  amazon.com.  See how Christ reacted, really did not react, to the spit on His face, to the purple robe meant to mock Him, in the sour wine offered to slack His thirst...

But it did NOT end with His death....

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