Jan 17, 2012

No Yellow Roses Ever pt 2

In my last post I left you with a cliff hanger....

Remember the roses?  The beautiful yellow roses?

I put them in a vase with water and put them on the bookcase in the dining room/school room/music room/ sewing room.....

About 2 days later they were not looking so nice...

By day 4 they needed to go.  And there was an odor.

We couldn't find the source of the odor.  It reminded me of a potato or onion gone bad.
The taters and onions were fine.

Oh well, time to throw out the roses.

I pulled them out of the vase and kept the baby's breath to put in a vase with some other dried flowers that we had on the piano.

Then I dumped the water in the sink and S.C.R.E.A.M.E.D!!!!!

There were 4, four, 4 dead mice in the water.

I don't know how they got there.  Dad's theory was that they had somehow gotten into the vase and not be able to get out and subsequently starved.  Then the water helped along the decomposition and smell.

YUCK.  Believe me bleach was my friend that night, after the guys disposed of said dead bodies. 

I still don't know we managed to get the vase out, fill it up with water and flowers and not notice 4 bodies in it.  It is a large vase, one of those from the florist and it's a dark green so I guess it could have happened.  Blech:(

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